Sibyl Kempson: Ich, KürbisGeist + Secret Death of Puppets
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Ich, KürbisGeist and The Secret Death of Puppets
by Sibyl Kempson
illustrated by Amanda Villalobos

ISBN 978-0-9857577-1-7

In a special volume illustrated and designed by Amanda Villalobos come two of Sibyl Kempson's forays into the damp, weird soil of ghosts, curses, and the roots and cousins of American language. ICH, KÜRBISGEIST, an agricultural vengeance play for Hallowe'en, is written in a variant of Amer-English so oolde and wheeurd that you need to train your tongue and ear to read it. The three paranormal playlets of THE SECRET DEATH OF PUPPETS are composed in "Fraunch", English, and some kind of Nordic-Latin homonculus language of the undead. You'll want to read this to your children.

Further reading:
* Sibyl Kempson, Annie-B Parson and Aaron Mattocks in Critical Correspondence
* Interview with Sibyl Kempson in the Brooklyn Rail.

This book was published in conjunction with Big Dance Theater's staging of Ich, KürbisGeist at the Chocolate Factory in New York City.